Ben Resnick

Manager of Hockey Administration

Email(315) 289-2571


Who I Am

  • Established in hockey operations
    • Design data-driven research on player performance and valuation
    • Grow team's analytics department from the very basic to a league leader
    • Research contract and arbitration cases
    • Manage compliance issues with Central Registry
  • Trained as an Economist
    • University of Pennsylvania (M.A. 2006)
    • Syracuse University (B.S. 2005)

What I Will Bring

  • The ability to build a connection between data and hockey for a non-technical audience
  • The knowledge to lead contract research and manage the day-to-day issues for your hockey operations department
  • Dedication to the job and a desire to learn

What I Believe In

  • The most accurate picture of player performance comes from a strong connection between data and traditional insight.
  • Attention to detail and easy to use systems are the best ways to support decision-making
  • Treating people with honesty and respect is the right way to do business — it reflects well on the organization and is the best way to build long-term relationships

What I Am Looking For

  • A successful and high-character team where I can enhance the department with my analytical and process-driven approach
  • New challenges so that I can learn more about the industry while contributing everything I can to my team's success
  • A position with long-term growth potential